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Laser liposuction uses lasers to liquefy the fat before it is removed, making it easier to vacuum out via liposuction. Lasers may also stimulate the production of collagen and elastin, which results in firmer, tighter, and smoother skin.

How is laser lipo performed?

Laser lipolysis is performed with a flexible optical fibre of 1mm calibre, through a small incision. The laser light is conducted at an intradermal level to destroy the fat and then produce the contraction of the skin to enable adjustment to the new body contour.

It is an effective treatment for small areas such as the jowl, inner arms, inner thighs, and abdomen, where the retraction of the accompanying skin is very important to good results. It is also highly recommended to retouch previous liposculptures that have experienced laxity and can also be used as a supplement to classic liposuction.

The equipment used for laser liposuction, also called laser sculpture, produces an effective destruction of the fat tissue thanks to its photo thermal effect and at the same time stimulates neocolagengenesis thanks to the deposit of heat at the hypodermic level.